Ok i havent gotten questions about what i think on the LGBT dibutes and my opion on it. Now i am going to say this before i say anything else, I do not take sides on anything if i can help it (just because then argumetns start.). Anyway heres my thoughts on it.

Honestly if you think about it, it dosent matter if you identify as Bisexual, Straight, Lesbian, Gay, or anything else. In the end the only person it affects is you (the person who idenifys as a particular sexuality) and the person they are dating or married too. So i honestly dont see what the problem is. Ok, yes its different for people to sometimes understand, accept, or something else. Especially sense it was banned in the USA for a long time and frowned upon and only not to long ago made legal in USA. Plus i also know in many countries its still not accepted, forbiden, and if found out you are not straight there are sever punishments and I do not believe that is not right in way or shape. Just because someone is diffrent dosent mean you should treat them bad in any way, shape, or form. I mean were all diffrent you wouldnt go treat your sibling or someone close to you horibbly just because they are diffrent, so why would you treat someone you dont even know horribly just cuase they identify as a diffrent sexuality?

Another thing I have noticed is some people tend to hear a person identifys as something other then straight and either starts bullying them, judging them, or something without even trying to get to know them. Well let me put it this way, before you start judging someone why dont you actully take the time to know them and i am not saying you need to become BFFs, but just at least talk to them and try to understand. I have even met people who think people who are LGBT are rude and dont care about anyone who isnt LGBT. Well those people are dead wrong. I have met a lot of LGBT people and all of them care about others. Yes some maybe be a bit rude , have a bit or attitude, be a bit moody, or is a bit stuck up but guess what all humans are like that and LGBT people arent any diffrent. Also to be perfectly honest alot of LGBT people i have met are extremly caring and go out of their way to help others and voulenteer, just like people who are straight.

So all in all nobodys perfect and you shouldnt judge another person on what you hear or anything else. No matter what you identify as we are all human so all this fighting is rediculous. Everyone should be treated equally and be free to live their lives. If everyone stop judging others people would see that we are all human.

Hope this anwsered some of the questions people have asked. Thanks for reading. Hope to see some comments from everybody.

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Comments (2)

  1. pets

    great blog says it all

    January 11, 2017
  2. lunarist

    Thank u

    January 12, 2017